Becoming a Muslim

Salam. Welcome.

What we would like to do on these Learning Islam pages is to take you through the very basic first steps of beginning to practice life as a Muslim.

The key thing to remember in everything is slowly, slowly

You cannot learn how to be a Muslim all in one go. You must do things in easy manageable stages, step-by-step.

If you try to do too much at once, you will just exhaust yourself and become very confused and frustrated.

Think of yourself as a new baby, learning how to walk.

At first you won’t be able to manage to walk at all.

Soon you will be able to manage few steps. You might end up stumbling and falling down a few times – but your walking will get better and better until you are steady on your feet and the trips and stumbles become fewer.

If you rush things, you are going to fall down a lot and become very frustrated.

Remember :-

  • step-by-step
  • slowly, slowly

What Do I Need to Learn?

1. Testament of Faith – The Shahadah

If you have not made your declaration of faith to become a Muslim, we will teach you how to say the Shahadah

2. Learn How to Perform Wudu (Purification)

Before Muslims pray, and before we touch the Qur’an, we always make sure that we are in a state of ritual purification

3. Learn How to Pray

We will explain the basics of prayer in Islam. Once you have a basic framework in place, you can then improve/expand your prayers as your knowledge increases

4. Learn a Few Short Chapters of the Qur’an

Once you start praying as a Muslim, you will need to learn a few short chapters (Surahs) from the Qur’an and these can be added to your prayers.

5. What You Can Eat and Drink

We will give you some very basic help with what you can eat and drink. What is allowed in Islam and what is not.

6. Common Questions Asked by New Muslims

We will try and provide answers to some of the questions that new Muslims often ask. You can also ask us about any question you may have about being a Muslim by using the Contact Us form and we will reply to you confidentially by email.

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