Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Welcome to Learning Islam.

Learning Islam is a site dedicated to introducing the newcomer to Islam to different aspects of the faith.

We shall, insha’Allah,  be explaining the absolute basics of Islam and offering advice to those who have newly embraced their new religion – which Allah, azza wa ja, has perfected for us.

Our aim is to bring new Muslims into a good understanding and practice of their newly declared faith.

We also hope that the site will be useful to those who are looking at Islam as a means by which they can reconnect with God – but who have not yet taken the next step of embracing Islam as their pathway to God.

Insha’Allah, the site is constantly evolving and we will be adding further helpful information as time goes on. Future sections planned include a FAQs section and information on what is halal/haram and where to get halal food from.

We shall be expanding the existing menu topics to include more comprehensive information and to add new videos and graphics to the pages.

We shall also be providing regular posts where the more anecdotal experiences of living a life in Islam can be shared.

We would greatly welcome and value your comments and thoughts on the advice we have given.

Did you find it helpful? Is there something about a subject you need explained further?

Please use the comments features throughout the site to let us know what you think.


Any mistakes or faults are purely the responsibility of the site management.

We seek the guidance of Allah, subhanu wa ta’ala, in all that we do and ask His pardon for any errors we unknowingly make.


May Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful guide all of us on the straight path.

May He bring us to the place we no longer think of ourselves as “new Muslims” because we are all just Muslims in the end, trying to please Allah wa ta’ala  as best as we can.

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