I remember when I first became a Muslim.

I knew that any meat I eat should be halal but I did not know where to get it from.

An internet search was pretty useless in coming up with any clues as to where I could get halal meat from in the town where I was living.

So I was pretty much living on a vegetarian diet – and using vegetarian meat substitutes for variety.

When I tagged along to the local masjid, I was too embarrassed to ask where I could get halal meat from.

Stupid, I know. And boy, was I missing some meat.

You know what it’s like when you first go along somewhere, you try and keep a low profile. I was keeping such a low profile that I did not even notice a big poster in the entrance hall of the masjid shouting out at me about a local halal food shop.

What a relief. And how I enjoyed my first taste of chicken again.

If you stay in a large city, chances are there will be a halal food shop that you will find quite easily.

If you stay in a town, it may not be so obvious. But if you have any Muslims living locally who run restaurants and takeaways, then they will be using halal meat and will be buying it locally. So, if you are stuck finding a place that sells it, then ask them where they get their meat from.

Don’t forget the golden rule … Check right under your nose for the thing you are looking for, it’s probably right there in front of you, you just haven’t seen it yet.

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